Who is Batterina?


The Hero Profile

Batterina was created jointly by Wasteserv Malta Ltd. and FIMBank plc in 2009 for the 1st launch of the Battery Buster Campaign. Under the watchful eye of Professor IQ, the environment’s new hero was constructed after years of research and development. In order to perform her duties the robot is equipped with special tools and gadgets.


Batterina's Technology

Batterina comes equipped with the following advanced technologies:

  • Hydrogen fuel cells to power the flight jets.
  • Ultra-light metal case for fast take-off and better manouveribility.
  • Aerodynamic design in order to limit wind friction.
  • Revolving magnetic hand to magnetically pull metal objects.
  • Special x-ray vision to accurately detect the location of hazardous chemical and used batteries containing such compounds.
  • Motorized rollerblades to facilitate transport on the ground.
  • Special back-pack compartment for the storage of collected batteries and other hazardous waste.

Professor IQ was very proud of his creation. "The objective of he environment’s new hero will be to create awareness on the proper disposal of used batteries and other hazardous waste and to promote the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle". 

“I am confident that the great effort gone in to creating this technologically advanced Batterina for the Maltese population will yield results. Our superhero will ensure we safeguard our environment and reduce the risk of contaminating our landfills with toxic waste", concluded Professor IQ.